Hi! I'm Lionbark.
I'm an indie creative, currently interested in musical arrangement/composition, game design and development.
Reach out with a DM to get in touch/collaborate!

Bandit City
Roguelike involving a redeemed racoon created for the 2021 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge.
Scifi sidescrolling bullet hell shoot 'em up created for the GJL Game Parade 2020 jam as part of Flat23 Studio.
Choose your own adventure game written for Weekly Game Jam 169 on the theme Treasure Hunt, inspired by the Power of Myth documentary on Joseph Campbell.
Deathly (cover)
Solo piano arrangement cover of Aimee Mann's Deathly (Live at St. Ann's Warehouse version).
My Skin (cover)
Solo piano arrangement cover of Natalie Merchant's My Skin.
Jazz-y track composed for the the game Bandit City.
Homecoming Theme
Hans Zimmer-esque piece composed for the game Homecoming.