Hi! I'm Lionbark.
I'm an indie creative interested in storytelling, musical arrangement and composition, game design and development. Currently working on Age of Heralds.
Reach out at eddie at lionbark dot com!
Age of Heralds
[In Progress] Interactive fiction; a coming-of-age story set in a post-scarce AI co-governed city.
Ruff Crowd
[2024-01-28] Dog comedy bullet hell created for the 2024 Global Game Jam (collab).
Bandit City
[2021-03-21] Roguelike involving a redeemed racoon created for the 2021 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge.
[2020-10-18] Scifi sidescrolling bullet hell shoot 'em up created for the GJL Game Parade 2020 jam as part of Flat23 Studio.
[2020-10-10] Choose your own adventure game written for Weekly Game Jam 169 on the theme Treasure Hunt, inspired by the Power of Myth documentary on Joseph Campbell.
Rootless Tree
[2023-08-10] Solo piano arrangement cover of Damien Rice's Rootless Tree. (MSCZ file)
Red Vines
[2023-04-07] Solo piano performance cover of Aimee Mann's Red Vines.
Before Tomorrow Comes
[2023-03-09] Solo piano performance cover of Alter Bridge's Before Tomorrow Comes.
[2021-08-03] Solo piano arrangement cover of Aimee Mann's Deathly (Live at St. Ann's Warehouse version). (MSCZ file)
My Skin
[2021-03-27] Solo piano arrangement cover of Natalie Merchant's My Skin. (MSCZ file)
[2021-03-21] Jazz-y track composed for the the game Bandit City.
Homecoming Theme
[2020-10-18] Hans Zimmer-esque piece composed for the game Homecoming.